Muffler / Exhaust / Emmisions

Is your vehicle louder than normal? If so, then stop in and see us for a complete exhaust system repair. Your vehicles exhaust system is engineered to not just reduce noise from the engine, but to also help eliminate harmful emissions from entering our atmosphere. So, a properly functioning exhaust system not only sounds better, but is environmentally better.

An exhaust system starts at the engine itself and is not just the muffler / tail pipe. There is what's called an "Exhaust "Manifold(s)" that connect to the cylinder heads of your vehicles engine block where exhaust gases originate. These gases pass through your exhaust pipes that contain oxygen sensors and then are refined by a device called a catalytic converter. Then, these gases are fed through your muffler and out into the atmosphere. This process should be working properly to ensure a quiet running vehicle and acceptable emissions into the atmosphere.

If there is an issue with any portion of this exhaust process, it can affect such things as gas mileage, the smoothness of how your vehicle runs, possibly the quality of air inside your vehicle, and of course the quality of air being emitted from your vehicle. Let our muffler / exhaust system experts diagnose your car truck or SUV today to determine the problem and get you right back on the road with a quieter, cleaner air ride.

We use high-quality mufflers, pipes, OEM equipment, and even aftermarket parts upon your request for any exhaust system work we perform. We offer catalytic converters that meet the specified requirements for pollution reduction. We specialize in muffler repairs, parts and service for virtually any type of vehicle including imports.